Take an IUPUI Placement Test

Place in math, English, and world languages

Placement tests gauge your current skills and help academic advisors to place you in classes where you'll be most successful.

Students must take placement tests in math, English, and world languages before registering for classes at IUPUI. Placement scores are valid for one year from the test date.

If you have a physical or learning disability, please contact Adaptive Educational Services at 317-274-3241 to make arrangements for your placement test.


Testing fees

Students taking online placement tests will be charged a $50 testing fee that covers math placement tests and learning modules, world language placement tests, and any additional tests taken for the academic year. The fee is not refundable and will appear on the student's bursar bill.

Math placement tests

Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) is IUPUI's new math placement tool. At student orientation, your advisor will use your ALEKS percentage score to place you in the math course that gives you the best chance for success.

Prepare to take the math placement test

English placement tests

You will respond to 10 questions and we will suggest a specific course that's right for you. After reading descriptions of IUPUI's three first-year writing courses, you may choose to accept our recommendation or choose on your own. This process is called Guided Self Placement.

International students

If you are an international student, this might not be the right placement test for you. IUPUI requires most non-native speakers to take the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Placement Test before attending New Student Orientation.

Your EAP test results will indicate whether you should take courses in the EAP Program or in the Writing Program. Students who demonstrate native-like proficiency on the EAP Test are referred to take courses in the Writing Program.

Take the English placement test Take the EAP placement test

World language placement tests

We offer French, German, and Spanish placement tests.

All IUPUI students who have taken a world language course in high school or have previous experience in a world language are eligible to take a placement test.

Your score will indicate which level IUPUI language course you are best suited to take. After completing that IUPUI course with a C or better, you are eligible for a special credit at a reduced fee for up to 16 credits of world language classes.

Special credit for native speakers

Native speakers are allowed to receive up to 6 credit hours of special credit at the 200-level by credential only, but may not take 100- and 200-level courses in their own language. Each language indicates in the IUPUI Bulletin the requirements for obtaining special credit in that language by native speakers. Students must check these requirements before registering for a course. Spanish native speakers must take SPAN-S318 to qualify for 200-level special credits, French native speakers must take FREN-F328 to qualify for 200-level special credits. It is highly recommended to speak with the respective Program Director of the Wold Languages Departmental Office (wlac@iupui.edu) before enrolling in a course.

World languages scoring table

French (FL101) German (FL301) Spanish (FL202)
131 0–34 0–34 0–34
132 35–50 35–50 35–48
203 51–62 51–60 49–54
204 63–72 61–71 55–59
300 or higher (F328) 73–83+ 72 and above 60 and above