Take a Make-Up Exam for an IUPUI Class


Instructors may allow students to make-up a course exam with approval from their department. Appointments must be made prior to every exam. Students who require Adaptive Educational Service (AES) accommodations must use AES services. This service is not available for midterms or finals. All materials must be received 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Schedule a make-up exam for your student

Submit a make-up exam for your student


Make-up exams are possible for IUPUI students who are unable to take tests in the classroom due to illness or emergencies. Your instructor will determine if you're eligible to take the test. You must have approval from your instuctor and school/department to be eligible for make-up testing. 

Following the test, contact your instructor—not the testing center—for your exam grade.

Make-up exams are offered in the Business Building (BS3000).

Note: The make-up testing service is not a substitute for Adaptive Educational Services (AES) accomodations. If you require accomodations, you must use AES services.