Information for Students

Frequently asked questions

When course evaluations become available, you will receive an email with a link to evaluate your courses. Or, you can visit  and log in with your IUPUI username and passphrase.

For fall and spring courses, end-of-course evaluations are available during the last two weeks of classes. For summer courses, evaluations are available during the last seven days of classes.

Please check with your instructor to determine the specific start and end dates for your course and evaluations.

Will my instructor see my course evaluation feedback?

Faculty see the feedback about 2–3 weeks after the end-of-semester course evaluations are completed and closed. Your grade will be submitted before your instructor sees your feedback.

Your instructor can see your comments, but cannot see your name. 

Who else looks at the feedback?

The instructor(s) who taught the course, the department chair, and the dean of the school look at feedback on course evaluations. They will be able to read your comments, but not your name or other identifying information. In fact, your instructor will never know whether you filled out your course evaluation. All information is encrypted.

I want to complete an evaluation, but the link is not accessible.

Evaluations are available only for a period of about 2–7 days for non-standard length courses and about two weeks for standard length courses. Once the evaluation period is closed, you cannot complete evaluations.

You also may be having issues for these reasons:

  • The course might be excluded from online course evaluations.
  • You might have already filled out your evaluation form.
  • You withdrew from the course.
  • Your desktop browser may be incompatible with the software. You may need to try a different browser or clear your cache.

I am auditing a course. Can I still fill out the evaluations for the course?

Yes, you should be able to complete the evaluations just like the enrolled and registered students.