Information for Instructors

Frequently asked questions

Course evaluations help instructors gather useful feedback from students each semester. Administrative staff are required to select courses to be evaluated through the CDQM planner.  The staff will also enter beginning and ending dates for the evaluations. It is suggested that staff finalize courses within the planner for instructors in their school or department at least two weeks before the evaluation period begins.

For fall and spring courses, evaluations are available during the last two weeks of classes. For summer courses, evaluations are available during the last seven days of class. 

If you are teaching a short duration course, the start and end dates of evaluation will be adjusted accordingly.

Are all courses evaluated at IUPUI?

No. There are some exceptions; for example, courses with extremely low student enrollment (less than four students) may not be evaluated individually.

Courses that are classified as independent study, research, internship, master's thesis, dissertation, and recital do not have evaluations.