Placement Testing at IUPUI

The faculty, staff, and students of IUPUI are pleased to have you join our community. Your academic career begins with placement testing. The purpose of placement testing is to help place you into appropriate courses to help ensure your success at IUPUI. For your convenience, we have compiled an information sheet that answers the most frequently asked questions about placement testing at IUPUI. We hope that this information will be helpful in contributing to your success as a student at IUPUI.

General Placement Test Information

Placement Tests are tests that gauge your current skills in a subject area and correlate to placement score ranges. Placement scores help academic advisors to place you into classes where you will be most successful. Students must take placement tests in English, Mathematics, and World Languages. All students must take the required placement tests before you will be able to register for classes at IUPUI.

Placement Tests

ALEKS Math Placement

English Guided Self-Placement

English for Academic Purposes

World Language Placement Tests

System Requirements (for online testing purposes)

Operating System Vista+
Screen Resolution 1024x768+
Browsers Chrome, Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+

Operating System OX X 10.4+
Screen Resolution 1024x768+
Browsers Safari 4+, Firefox 3+


Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQ

Is there a fee for taking the online placement tests at IUPUI?
Yes, students taking online placement tests at IUPUI will be assessed a testing fee of $50 that covers ALEKS Math placement, preparation and learning modules, world language online placement tests, and any additional such tests taken for the academic year. The fee will be assessed and appear on a student’s bursar bill.

Is the testing fee refundable?
No, the testing fee is not refundable.

Do you offer placement testing accommodations for students with disabilities?
Yes, if you have a physical or learning disability, you should contact the office of Adaptive Educational Services at (317) 274-3241 to make arrangements to take the placement test(s) under modified testing conditions.

Can I take the online placement tests on my iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, etc.?
No, the online placement tests were not designed for use on mobile devices. You must use a PC or a Mac Computer.

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May I take ALEKS if I am not yet 18 years of age?
Yes, but please discuss the ALEKS assessment via phone, email, or in person with your parent or guardian ahead of time so that he/she may provide permission to take the exam.

What happens if I do not complete the ALEKS Math assessment in the allotted time?
You will have to restart the assessment.

How long are my placement scores valid?
Placement scores are valid for one year (from the test date). In particular, you need to be sure that your ALEKS Math placement scores are valid for the semester you plan to enroll in a math or chemistry course.

Where does my placement score appear?
Your score will be provided on the screen after the completion of the exam and the corresponding placement can be found by viewing the ALEKS Math Placement Score chart. Additionally, your placement score is automatically posted to your academic record in the IU Student Information System, which is accessible by your academic advisor.

Are calculators allowed during math placement testing?
Only the on-screen calculator is available for the ALEKS Math placement test.

Which placement test do I have to take to enroll in a first-year chemistry course at IUPUI?
Take the ALEKS Mathematics assessment. (See the Chemistry Placement Chart for course options.)

I am a returning student, continuing student, or transfer student. How do I sign-up and take the ALEKS Math assessment and/or the IUPUI world language placement tests?
A: Please visit the IUPUI Testing Center ALEKS website and follow the directions posted there.

I took an ALEKS Math Assessment through another institution. Can I use this score at IUPUI?
Yes, as long as the ALEKS Math assessment is the same as that being used here at IUPUI.

What happens if I get a message saying, "Our system does not recognize that you are set up to access the ALEKS system"?
Please do the following:

If you recently confirmed your admission to IUPUI, please wait for the system to update. It may take up to 1-2 business days for the system to update.

If you confirmed your admission to IUPUI more than 1-2 business days ago, please contact us. Please include your University ID number so that we can best assist you.

How many times can I take the ALEKS Math assessment?
You can take the ALEKS Math assessment up to a total of five times within your subscription period.

ALEKS Customer Support
Refer to the ALEKS Technical Support webpage if you have problems with the plug-in.

Phone: (714) 619-7090

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World Languages Placement Tests FAQ

What World Language Placement Tests are offered at IUPUI
French, German, Spanish

Do I need to take a World Language Placement Test?
All IUPUI students who have previously taken a world language course in high school or have previous experience in a world language are eligible to take this placement test. The course scores on the World Language Placement Test indicate which IUPUI language course students are recommended to take. Students are strongly advised to sign up for the course they test into.
Contact the Department of World Languages and Cultures for appropriate interpretation of your test scores, and the Program Coordinator of your specific world language if you have questions about the course you tested into. After completing the IUPUI course or course level into which you were placed with a C or above, you are eligible for special credit at a reduced fee for the world language classes preceding the course taken. Up to a maximum of 16 world language special credits may be earned at a reduced fee.

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